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By Everett Jolly

Why the General Public Does not Buy Penny Stocks

Before I launched Uptick Newswire, some years ago, I made phone calls to average investors, posing the question: “have you ever bought a penny stock before?”

The answers surprised me.

The first response was “where do I find these penny stocks?”
One person said, “I bought a penny stock and lost all my money in it. I would never buy again.”

Others said that there wasn’t enough information out there to make informed decisions about a penny stock company.
At the time, I thought why doesn’t someone create a hub or special news room just for penny stock companies, which I thought would be great for the average investor.

This special hub would be transparent, meeting the needs of investors. I also thought it would be great for CEOs of Micro-Cap companies. Creating a place where a CEO could go to add the latest information about their management team, their products and services or recent funding projects. I envisioned a place where the CEO could tell the public about their company, giving a status report of sorts to help investors make educated choices. I thought how powerful it would be if CEOs gave status updates with the pulse of the company, giving a six to twelve month road map with company planning and goals the CEO could share with the investor. At that point the investor could begin to make an informed choice whether or not the company was the right investment for them.

I truly believe the only game that is not fixed is the Micro-Cap stocks. When the great Mark Cubin was interviewed about stocks, he said it’s a very hard to beat the market because of all the manipulation and program trading. The great thing about penny stocks is that fund managers can’t buy stocks under $5.00 a share. So there is no manipulation from them or hedge managers.

The hub in question is now here, Uptick Newswire, where companies and investors meet, bringing two worlds together. I am excited by what myself and Uptick’s staff is creating every day. Soon we’ll also add in the Uptick Network radio show and podcast to take the next step in creating transparency in the Micro-Cap sector of the market. Our daily goal is to continue Uptick Newswire’s rise, as it is the number one penny stock and Micro-Cap news site out there.