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4.16.14 Winners

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Exclusive with COO Stephen Shearin of Tranzbyte, Corp. ERBB

Tranzbyte ERBB is pleased with the unveiling of “ZaZZZ” on Saturday the 12th. “It was absolutely positive from start to finish” said COO Stephen Shearin.  The unofficial shareholders meeting provided a chance for investors to finally experience “ZaZZZ”.  Additionally, the company gained extensive insight as to last minute modifications before mass distribution. Tranzbyte is excited to prepare for its flagpole distribution of “ZaZZZ” and hope’s to finish beta testing within a month. The company has an extensive understanding of the dispensary business model; and has produced innovate solutions to accommodate the new growing market.  Additionally, Tranzbyte has the technology to retrofit each individual machine as a customization for each client/dispensary. “We’re a technology company that’s applying our skill sets to this space. We’re not strictly trying to produce medicals or just grow lights.” ERBB has shown great diversification, partnering with Lakers point guard Steve Nash to create “One Bode”. One Bode is a nutrition company offering a variety of vitamins and supplements. The company’s top selling product is “Flo” which is a proprietary digestive supplement.

ERBB closed on 4.15.14 @ 0.05 a share. Many were confused or had mixed emotions about the decline. Despite the slight recession in price Mr. Shearin is optimistic saying; “My focus is on doing good business with good companies growing good revenues. We don’t put out news that isn’t news. We don’t sell anything of our own. We just do no shenanigans.”ERBB to date has grown more than 200% since February. The company is doing its due diligence to be a powerhouse in a growing market, while simultaneously making it possible for patients to receive MMJ. ERBB is slated to soar and UPTICK News Wire is issuing a 6 month buy rating with a target price of 0.25 a share.

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Tranzbyte Corp. ERBB 

4.15.14 Winners

-0.025 (-5.32%)
0.0000 (0.00%)
-0.025 (-8.93%)
-0.0001 (-3.03%)

Special Buy Reminder: MSPC

MSPC saw much deserved growth on Monday. However, this is just the start and Metrospaces , Inc. Should experience more significant growth this week. Currently MSPC is around 0.009 but we project this momentum will continue, possibly reaching 0.05 by closing bell Friday. Read our full evaluation below:

From 4.11.14 Metrospaces (MSPC) is an upscale real estate development company devised of several prominent properties in the United States and Europe. The Firm has financed over $350 million dollars in properties and other holding developments. MSPC announced yesterday (4.10.14) plans to move forward on a luxury resort in Venezuela. The upscale project will serve as a relaxation destination and is expected to bring in an average room rate of $280 a night. Metrospaces projects an EBITDA(Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) of $1 million dollars in the first year for the Venezuela project. Past developmental projects include resorts in Buenos Aires, Argentina; in addition to London’s most recent 5 star resort (The London Bulgari Hotel). MSPC is currently on an UPTICK however is still slated for exponential growth in the next quarter.

0.0000 (0.00%)

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BUY ALERT: Red Giant Entertainment REDG

REDG Red Giant Entertainment, a Nevada based comic book publisher; has released a sneak peek of “DARCHON #0”.  DARCHON is a horror series written by nominated Pulitzer Prize author Mort Castle. The “0” issue will be featured in a 4 pack bundle to be distributed nationwide for “Free Comic Book Day” (previously mentioned 4.10.14). The company is introducing the “GIANT-SIZE” line to accompany REDG’s extensive collection of comics and accompanying video series. REDG has made a strong stand. The company has separated itself as a major player in the industry, since its creation becoming the largest publisher of niche comics online. Additionally, the REDG has expanded; with a circulation greater than 52 million copies a year. The creative firm is focusing on generating revenues from its publications, but also plans to monetize with merchandise sales and advertising space. Red Giant Entertainment is interested in maintaining the creative integrity of the work it releases and welcomes open submissions for new talent.  REDG has stated they intend to be the largest comic book publisher worldwide. In 2013 “The Walking Dead” series was the highest grossing single comic book series. REDG has several similarly themed models it plans to populate. It is evident that REDG plans to be a major contender against MARVEL and DC, releasing a new series to a different demographic weekly (1 million copies). Red Giant Entertainment is currently priced at 0.0039 an extreme value considering the upcoming “Free Comic Book Day”, which will distribute 400,000 free comics. It is recommended to get in ASAP as we expect REDG to be trading at 0.025 by the end of August.

Preview of “DARCHON #0″